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General Business Terms and Conditions of MuzToo GmbH 

(edited version 10/12)

Registration/Entering into contract

The Im contract between you and MuzToo GmbH begins with an unconditional confirmation of your registration, made either in writing or over the phone, by an employee of MuzToo GmbH. An early reservation will ensure your place on the desired trip. In order to facilitate your booking you may use the online registration form.

Prices and Paying Terms

On receiving your registration we issue a confirmation together with an invoice for a deposit of 20 % of the total fee or a minimum of CHF 500.—. The remaining sum is to be paid at the latest 45 days prior to the start of the trip. For reservations within 30 days of departure, the total cost of the trip is to be paid at the time of booking. Should there be unexpected deviations from our planned budget (increase in transport cost, country fees, airport duty as well as other charges and fees, exchange rate rises etc.), Muztoo GmbH reserves the right to raise the tour price. You will be informed at least 6 weeks before the start of the trip. If the prise rise is more than 10 %, you have the right to withdraw from the contract by sending an email within 5 days of receiving our notification. Your deposit will be refunded without any deduction and either is credited to your bank account or shifted as required to another tour of MuzToo GmbH as per your advice.

Handling airfares

Please notice that the tour packages do not comprise any long distance airfares. Depending on the programme and if listed some tours include airfares within Central Asia. Upon your request MuzToo GmbH is pleased to book your long distance flight. A separate invoice will be issued for this and a service charge shall be added. Your reservation for your flight can usually be accepted up to 6 weeks prior to departure.


In order to avoid being delayed by unnecessary formalities in the case of accident or illness, please arrange an accident insurance and/or extend coverage of your health insurance. MuzToo GmbH also recommends arranging a cancellation insurance. A complete insurance package for travelling is available by ELVIA insurance or European insurance company. More details and information in German and French can be located through web links on www.muztoo.ch under Service and Contact/Links/Weblink – Länderinfos/Home.

Changes and Cancellations

For changes and cancellations up to 45 days before the start of the tour, an administration fee of CHF 120.— per person will be charged. Please note that any flight cancellation is subject to the airline’s cancellation policy.

Should you modify details of your booked arrangement, for example the itinerary and/or anticipated arrival/departure dates, a fee of CHF 80.00 per person will be applied. Additionally the following cancellation fees apply as a percentage of the tour price:

44 – 31 days prior to departure    20 %

30 – 20 days prior to departure    30 %

19 – 10 days prior to departure    50 %

09 – 01 days prior to departure    80 %

On the day of departure or later 100 % of the total tour price.

If you join the trip after it has begun, or you leave before it has ended, you have no right to a refund or discount. If you offer a replacement person at the time of cancellation, a one-off administration fee of CHF 80.00 will be charged. A prior arrangement with MuzToo GmbH is essential, any increase in costs are to be paid by you and the replacement person.


MuzToo GmbH is liable within the legal framework of the law for the proper execution of the trips. For everything apart from injury to persons, the liability is limited to double the cost of the trip per person and the immediate losses. Should international agreements or national laws that limit or eliminate liability be applicable, MuzToo GmbH will only be liable within the framework of these agreements and laws. In spite of careful planning, we cannot guarantee that the various travel plans will be adhered to completely. As a result of the large volume of traffic, traffic congestion, accidents, congestion in airports, delayed border crossings etc. delays can occur. In these cases we cannot be held liable. You are responsible for the safekeeping of your valuables, money, jewellery, credit cards, cameras, communication equipment etc. MuzToo GmbH is not liable for theft, loss, damage or misuse or for extra services that are carried out at your wish through MuzToo GmbH or that you have booked yourself in country with third parties. In the same way MuzToo GmbH has no liability for missed holiday enjoyment, frustrations or wasted holiday time. Liability not determined by contract will comply with international agreements and national laws. For everything other than injury to persons, liability under all legal statutes is limited to double the cost of the trip per person, except where these general trip terms and conditions, applicable international agreements or national laws stipulate further limits to liability or exclude liability.


Where there are people working, mistakes can occur. If a tour service is not fulfilled as per the contract, it is your duty to immediately notify the tour leader on the ground and to demand remedial measures. MuzToo Gmbh is obliged to provide compensatory measures of equal or more worth. Within 30 days after the contractual end of the trip, you can demand a reduction in the cost of the trip, if the trip can objectively be shown to have a reduced value and you have demanded remedial measures to the tour leader at the time of the trip. Claims submitted later than this will be refused by MuzToo GmbH.

Execution and interruption of the trip

In order to guarantee the published tour price a minimum number of participants must take part in each trip. Should the actual number of participants go below the minimum, MuzToo GmbH has to apply a surcharge for each participant in order to cover the budgeted tour cost (please refer to paragraph prices and paying terms). You will be informed of a potential cancellation on the trip at least 4 weeks before departure. Should unforeseeable or unpreventable events, such as violence, governmental measures, strikes etc. make the trip more difficult, increase danger or even make it impossible, MuzToo GmbH is entitled to cancel the trip at short notice. The amounts you have already paid will be refunded. If the trip is interrupted en route because of unavoidable reasons, the remaining cost of the trip will be refunded. No further claims will be taken into consideration.

Outward journey and health requirements

For trips with MuzToo GmbH travellers require a valid passport with a minimal expiry date of 6 months beyond the date of return to your home country. You are responsible for producing the necessary travel documents and for conforming to the entry health and foreign currency requirements. If the entry requirements are not fulfilled or the visa is not received, which prevents participation in the trip, then the cancellation terms and conditions of MuzToo GmbH apply.


MuzToo GmbH recommend you arrange a travel insurance which covers your luggage. Please refer to the ELVIA travel insurance package and/or European travel insurance. Please do not forget to label your luggage with your address. Fragile or delicate objects should be packed carefully and our staff should be informed.

Court of Jurisdiction and applicable law

The dealings between you and MuzToo GmbH are governed by Swiss law. The court of jurisdiction is 9320 Arbon, Switzerland.

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