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Tajikistan ♦ BARTANG-TOUR



Days 1 & 2: Arrival and test drive.
You arrive in Osh early in the morning. We will meet you at the airport, after which we will continue on to the hotel where we can get some rest. After lunch we’ll take a short trip out of the city to get used to the bikes. We stay in Osh.

Day 3: Sary-Tash
Our trip to Sary-Tash takes us along the Ak Bura river up a wild, romantic valley. We then continue on a panoramic road at around 3000 meters to an active coal mine. We squeeze through a narrow gorge, cross two more 3500m passes and enter the Jong Alai (large valley) where we stay in Sary-Tash in a homestay.

Day 4: The lakes at the foot of Lenin Peak and Sary Moghul
Weather permitting, we’ll take a day trip up to the foot of Lenin Peak with its proud height of 7134m. This gives us an opportunity to get used to the altitude. If the weather is not so good, we make this trip at the end of our tour. We stay in a yurt in Sary Moghul.

Day 5: Into Tajikistan and Karakul Lake
Today we cross the border into Tajikistan. The Kyrgyz customs post is located at the entrance of the Kyzyl-Art Pass and the Tajik one is about 30 km away, shortly after the 4280m summit. For the distance in between, no one seems to be responsible and the road is very bad…great for us motorcyclists. Our homestay is located right next to Karakul Lake.

Day 6: The Pamir Plateau
On the Pamir Highway we head South, then West. After about an hour we turn right, into nothingness. There is no road, only a 5 km wide valley with scattered tracks. This is our way to Bartang Valley. For the night we camp in a sheltered, uncrowded place and enjoy complete seclusion.

Day 7: Roshorv in Bartang Valley
To enter the Bartang Valley, we need to negotiate some steep and challenging gravel tracks. Our support vehicle will only just make it. In this section, the highest concentration is required. You don’t want to make a mistake here. Once we reach the Bartang Valley, we see to our surprise, small villages once more. One wonders how on earth they can survive here. We set our camp in an idyllic place near the river.

Day 8: To Khorog
The ride to Khorog takes us along the Bartang River and it is regularly flooded, so we’re almost guaranteed to get our feet wet.  Fortunately, it is getting warmer as we fall in altitude. Also, we can look forward to a comfortable hotel bed, a hot shower and a delicious dinner in this, the regional capital of this part of Tajikistan.

Day 9: Turumtai Lake at 4200m
From Khorog out there are three ways to head back East: The M41 is the direct route, the Wakhan Valley to the South, or up over the mountains in between, known as Karl-Marx-Street. We choose the latter and delight in the white mountain peaks of the Pamirs, of which the Karl Marx is the highest (6723m) and most famous. We camp at Turumtai Lake. The magnificent scenery and starry nights make this camp a very special experience.

Day 10: On the Pamir Highway back to Khorog
We take the M41 back to the hotel in Khorog, leaving time to rest, reflect and recharge for the next stage of our adventure.

Day 11: Along the Wakhan Valley to Bibi Fatima
Our Next trip takes us through the Wakhan valley, along the border with Afghanistan to the Bibi Fatima hot springs. The Wakhan Valley is inhabited by its own ethnic group. These people differ not only in their language, but also in appearance and culture from the surrounding Tajiks. In Bibi Fatima, we have a magnificent view of the Wakhan Valley. We naturally make use of the hot springs, idyllically located in a small cave. The 40°C water gushes out of the rock into a pool and it makes for an exhillarating bathing experience. We stay in a Homestay in Bibi Fatima.

Day 12: Bulunkul Lake
As we climb towards the Pamir Plateau, the air gets thinner and the view clearer. Besides wild camels, yaks and a few shepherds we are alone in this seclusion. We stay in a homestay on Bulunkul Lake and have time to visit some hot springs and a “mini geyser”.

Day 13: To Murghab
We are back on the Pamir Highway or the M41. The road was built by the Soviets to patrol their borders with Afghanistan and China. Today it is still used by Chinese transport vehicles. In Murghab, a former army base, we stay in a hotel and can enjoy hot springs and a hot shower.

Day 14: Return to Osh
Our return trip takes us through the Ak-Baital Pass. At 4655m, it is the highest pass in the Pamirs. We then cross once again our last pass of the tour: the Kyzyl-Art pass. Here we return to the border with Kyrgyzstan and ride back through Sary-Tash to Osh.

Days 15 & 16: Rest day in Osh, Return
On our last day there is still time for a bazaar visit or simply to rest after the rigorous tour. We spend the evening in a good restaurant, enjoy a juicy shashlik (meat skewer) and recount memories of a successful tour. Early the next morning we will head to the airport where we begin our journey home.
Deviations are possible!



Tadschikistan ♦ BARTANG-TOUR

August 19 to September 3 2017

free places


DatesAugust 19 to September 3 2017
Duration16 days
AccomodationsHotel, Homestay, Yurt, Camping
DifficultiesD3 - D4 Details
Number of Participantsmax. 8
Lenght of the route≅ 2100 km
Price4280 CHF  /  [currencyr amount=4280 to=USD]


  • 2580 CHF / [currencyr amount=2580 to=USD] Accompanying Persons
  • Single room supplement 180 CHF / [currencyr amount=180 to=USD]
  • Insurance for motorcyclist per day 15 CHF / [currencyr amount=15 to=USD]



  • Transfer from Osh Airport to the hotel and back
  • All hotels and breakfast.
  • Rent of Yamaha XT 600, including fuel.
  • English speaking guide on motorbike.
  • Escort vehicle for personal lugguage of participants


  • Insurance
  • Airline tickets to Osh and back
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Personal expensex
  • Tips


  • Readiness for an extraordinary journey with possible surprises.
  • Good motorcycle riding skills.
  •  Respect for foreign people and cultures.



Yamaha XT 600 E

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